2019 Harrisburg Mixed Sale
Thursday & Friday, November 7 & 8, 2019 – 10:00AM
PA Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg, PA

(Last updated 6/2/2020 1:34:02PM CDT)

HARRISBURG MIXED SALE — Thursday, November 7, 2019
Hip  Horse Name  Type, Sex, Color, Sire-Dam
920   JANE DIAMOND y, f, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Court Stenographer
1004   1-SH-MUSCLE HILL4 s, h, b, Muscles Yankee - Yankee Blondie
1009   1-SH-WALNER s, h, b, Chapter Seven - Random Destiny
1010   1-SH-WALNER2 s, h, b, Chapter Seven - Random Destiny
1124   LINDY ON TAP b, m, b, Cantab Hall - Rum Boogie
1125   LINDYS CRAZY DOLLY b, m, b, Crazed - My Dolly's Dream
1173   FOOT LOOSE LINDY b, m, b, Crazed - Teachmehowto Lindy
1178   WAKE UP SUSIE b, m, b, Lucky Chucky - Susie's Magic
1251   J M CHICAGO b, m, b, Art Major - Chica Hanover
1260   TIMBER b, m, b, Art Major - Bj's Canouan
HARRISBURG MIXED SALE — Friday, November 8, 2019
Hip  Horse Name  Type, Sex, Color, Sire-Dam
1314   ROYALTY FOR LINDY r, m, b, Royalty For Life - My Lady Lindy
1317   YAIRA r, m, br, Always A Virgin - Lady Lakers
1331   CAPTAIN BARBOSSA r, h, b, Captaintreacherous - Swinging Beauty
1342   RAINTREE REBEL r, g, b, Trixton - Barbara Brooks
1360   ELECTRAPEDIA r, m, b, Cantab Hall - Baker Black Jet
1404   HEN PARTY r, m, b, Roll With Joe - My Lady Day
1412   ONEMOREFORTHEROAD r, m, b, Captaintreacherous - Abbey Road Hanover
1414   QUEENTRIX r, m, b, Trixton - The Ice Queen
1420   SUNSET SECRET r, g, br, Always A Virgin - Things Left Unsaid
1422   WINE RACK HANOVER r, m, b, Kadabra - Winbak Maya
1446   AVALINE HANOVER r, m, b, Dragon Again - Aw Shucks Hanover
1452   MA WAS RIGHT r, m, br, Muscle Hill - It's Alright Ma
1510   FOX VALLEY HALSEY r, m, b, Sportsmaster - Rons Girl
1521   P L MOLLY r, m, b, Royalty For Life - P L Blue Opal
1535   VALAR MORGHULIS r, m, br, Sportsmaster - Deja Vu Guru
1559   FOLLOWTHEWIND N r, m, b, Mister Big - Whenua
1613   SUGARTOWN r, g, b, Sportswriter - Sweet Lady Jane
1614   UNION STATION r, g, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Hit The Curb
1638   CAPTAIN DEO r, h, b, Somebeachsomewhere - Worldly Beauty
1639   EYES COOL r, g, b, Muscle Massive - Free Spirit
1643   LIFE WELL LIVED r, g, b, Muscle Mass - Life Class
1645   SUCH AN ANGEL r, g, b, Credit Winner - Michelle's Angel
1673   MASSIVE VODKA r, h, b, Muscle Mass - Stonebridge Encore
1675   NIGHT HALL r, h, b, Muscle Hill - Day For Night
1677   REVE TOUJOURS r, g, b, Cantab Hall - Reve Encore Dream
1680   SIGNORE CARDIN r, g, b, Muscle Hill - Kinda Crazy Lindy
1907   WORDS MATTER r, h, b, Muscle Mass - Jj's Jordyn
37 Total Outs